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what's the extra file it talked about in the bonus room??

i got all the endings!! this was very fun to play hehe :3

hello! i've been having some difficulties to have the good ending cuz even though i have the token from the first trial, the option to bargain doesnt show up.. do i have to like equip it??

mmm quisiera que tenga traducción al español :c

Hola! Actualmente estoy trabajando en la traducción al castellano, espero tenerla pronto para que más personas puedan disfrutar de este maravilloso juego! :)


so remember look both sides when you cross the street

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so i put the wrong password in by accident and now i cant put anything else in because i cant backspace.

please help i keep accidentally pressing A so i have to start from the beginning.


hi! i'm a bit late but in the start the controls say that x is delete :) so if you mess up the password x = backspace


thank you! youre a lifesaver.


I can't beleive that's what he wanted to confess. Great game!

There's something about this game that really charmed me the first time I played it, so I'm happy to come back to it and see there's a 2.0 version

English to Spanish Translator here!
I've seen a lot of spanish gameplayers videos where they don't get half the context of the game. I'd like to translate the game if you are interested. Please contact me


I whisper-screamed™ about how stupid and weird it was for the (I assume) immortal devil to kiss a 16 year old but that just made the game claim an even more special place in my heart due to its absurdity :')

I'm not sure which version is this but I have long downloaded this before I have a chance to play it. Then I tried to read the description and this page has disappeared. I was so confused at that time and wondered did something happened. But this video happened anyway. But today (or yesterday?) I saw a notification update about new translation. And when I click, this page is back! I was so relieved. Anyway, should I continue or just go straight playing v2?

Hello, The page was temporarily hidden earlier for maintenance and updates.  Sorry about that! It is recommended to play the latest version as it has more improved graphics and features, you can transfer your old save files into the new version.

So I just need to replace the old file?

You can move the file.rpgsave file located in the old save folder into the new save folder if you would like to resume from your previous play. 🙂

I think the game crashed... after I gave the robber the money and he called me a nerd. The screen froze when the kid responded to that. Great game, I'm loving it, I just needed to let someone know


Ahh!!! New version!!! Im so happy!!

noticed a little thing

On the other shelf too

thank you for notifying, I have updated the files that resolves the bugs :)

No problem man, I actually find it pretty entertaining when I find them lol 


Replaying this game not that the 2.0 version came out was very neat!!

The sprite work looks SO SO GOOD and pleasing to look at! I don't know if the art has been remade too, but it looks very clean and good and totally passed the test of time if that's not the case, props to the artist :D

Didn't find big differences in the gameplay (might be because I don't have a clear memory on the first version) but replaying it was enjoyable, I never felt bored just because I've played it before!! Found all the secrets acording to the plant and I was nicely surprised by some of then I've never seen before. Got the new good ending on second try (missed a token :')) and I really enjoyed it. Not gonna talk about it too much for the people who want to see it, but I've assumed that really neat animation would be used in game. Did I missed something, or was it just promotional? (Probably the latter since I can't find it in the game files.)

So yeah, it felt great revisiting this game, I love your games alot and I am looking foward to you future, soup filled projects!!

If you see this, p l a y   t h i s   g a m e, and if you've played it before, p l a y    i t    a g a i n, you will enjoy the new graphics and might even find something you've never seen before :D

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I love the humor. Very fun. Good job.

Hello, dear author, can I ask you for permission to translate this game into Chinese? This game is very interesting and good, I hope more people can see it and feel the fun of it!

I mean I'll translate! Ahhhhhh missed a word

sure, send me amessage over email (smackmygarbagepants(at) if you'd like to discuss further.

The email has been sent to you! Please check your mailbox~

i love ur translate style 梗太多啦哈哈哈哈哈好有意思

good game but i have a few words, 1. i feel you should tell us to use x if we mess up on the password, 2. same thing but for the pear apple and banana code, i messed up and i still cant fix it, please hel

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Jogo nota 100, história engraçada e muito boa : )

Pega em tudo celular Xbox aproveite

why can you not save?
like i save and then i leave but when i come back it doesn't show me the continue button! Is it a bug?


how to get 2nd end

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Tysm i abandoned the game for a while while waiting a reply i can start playing it again


great game, but what exactly happen on the good ending

yo did anyon else know that the plantin the house after you leave the bedroom can talk?

and how do i get into the bathrom and neigbors house!


Hey i messed up typying the password on the computer do I have to restart to write different codes help

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i have been walking through this maze for 30 minutes im spiraling.


when i downloaded the game, it had a file called "EXTRA" but it needs a password. what am i supposed to do? is the password in game?

potential secret!?


:O we need to find out!

just stumbled across this game lol to get the extra password you need to beat the car minigame at the end game and look at the description for the strange paper

yoo thanks imma try that


hmmmmm its gore for it but nice


mumu dont work how to i talk to bag man


wayne silliest demon of all time...also after finding out more about the mc i think he kinda deserves to be in hell LMAO. 10/10 game!

OK i reloaded my save from when i completed the minigame and omg u rlly do get a smootch from wayne if u try hard's reaction is pretty funny too so if anyone wants to try that out remember to save once u complete the minigame ^^

Bro- never saved... 


Loved this! I enjoy this dynamic of characters and the concept is pretty interesting! Had a fun time with this silly game! <3

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can anyone tell me the code for the apple+bannana+pear part

edit: nevermind i got it! :}

what is it i do not know that either that is what I am stuck on as well lol



when you are putting the password on the comuter how do you erase?

press X

im stuck on the phone part- idk what to do??

like i have to get wifi or smth to call-

and i have the phone but when i press the door it says that i need to find a phone

oh nvm i found out, you need  to go into the girls bathroom lol

im stuck in the peeling apple part .

update i just found out the inventory thing exists

scientific notation??? man havent seen that in a bit

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