A downloadable game

Developed in 5 days. A simple game about a girl and her dog.

It's almost dinner time but Olivia forgot to do her important to-do list! Complete the list so we can finally make dinner for our pet. There are tons to do but if we work together, we can finish the list in no time!

Explore a cute pastel home. There are objects you can interact with. Surprises and pure moments await you.



"I love my pet! If I had to choose friends or family, I'd choose my cutie."

and Doggy


-Short and straightforward gameplay (Approx: 10 minutes)
-Includes normal ending and secret ending


Log 2020-06-15: I noticed a mistake when playtesting the secret ending (but not too serious). I will fix and reupload a new download file next saturday as well as add a little more visuals. Stay tuned!

Log 2020-06-18: Nvm I just reuploaded a new one today LOL.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(55 total ratings)
TagsComedy, Cute, RPG Maker


Doggy Dinner Time.zip 73 MB
Время ужина для Песика.zip 73 MB

Development log


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this is so silly!!!!! >.<

i was wondering if you could make it available for web browser..? ;-; if you can i'd appreciate it a lot!! thank you!!

i played it. the controls were so bad i couldnt even walk back or anything. i couldnt walk to the list. my only interactions were left and right. please fix this. i played this on pc

hello! I’ve watched other people play the game and ur worked,maybe something was happening that made it glitch. 

Its like can your pet all over again. Trauma 101 😭

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Bro at first i thought it was all cute but when it got to the end (the plot twist) i legit felt bad for the dog and it was so hard to get secret ending hashashashsh May i ask for a walkthrough in how to get the secret ending? (Edit) I finally got the secret ending! It was easy i just didn't notice XD


sweet twist.. good game!


that plot twist, i actually kind of expected it but there was one thing that i did not expect,,, either ways i like this game, and i really like your works!


Hi Lynis, I'm in browser version as my PC isn't supporting my files well hence downloading is difficult. Is this game not available on browser ver.?

anyways, bye <3

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ive been trying to get to a "totally not suspicious looking folder"

got any hints?


All i can say is: check the bulletin board

Extract totally not suspicious looking folder

Click On The Folder

Click Untitled

Move the Save1.rvdata to main Game Folder

And U Will Get Alternate Timeline

Really cute game. I liked the twist that was at the end.

Is there fullscreen?



^this can be applied to most rpg maker games.

Thanks! I was sure i tried that tho... Maybe there is an arrow in my head after all...

I did not try it yet

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(Lynis, please read this and reply to me of your opinion)

Hi! I'm ever played the game at my old laptop(but now is broken so it can't be fixed. Also I'm using a computer right now). The game is fun and nice!

If I were you, I would update the game(again).

Changes I wish:

1. Detailing the other NPC in the game (Dogs, Cat, Ann, Belle, The guy that tied-up in the closet, and The old man that Olivia thinks he is the next door neighbour)

2. Escaping the guy that tied up in the closet and turned into escape ending / Home sweet home ending(Doggy saves the poor guy, and the guy is the new owner of Doggy)

3. Draw other face's of the other NPC in the chat box(The old man, The Dogs and a Cat at the park, etc)

4. Doggy new replies(example: When Olivia's basement gets on fire, Doggy says: "Olivia.....You must go to hell! Because you k1ll3d my F****ing Family!!!")

5. The character has a voice(Olivia, Ann, Belle, etc)

6. Lastly, they have a scene(Olivia takes a hammer to hit Doggy, When Doggy talk to his elder brother, Choco{I called him Choco BTW})

And that's all. Ouh and also, You inspired me to make a room art ^^

Hello! I just downloaded the game but it says that files have been corrupted and that there's a virus. Hope you can help. Thank you.

Where can i find the music? it was also used in a game called b*x, i can’t find it anywhere..

The source and website can be found in the README txt file and in game credits.

The BGM belongs to *CAMeLIA* and is named "木漏れ日". ^-^)


this game terrifies me.

Uhhhhh h i

eqix. you cannot deny it. it is ,,,, the atmosphere though 

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[Spoiler] apologies for my bad eng.

A super cuTe game this pixels remind me of a room decoration game( ´•̥-•̥` ) 


and I like a poor guy in the closet...

I didn’t play this game because I’m scared of jumpscare s (not when I made them) but what is that weird ugly thing at the end.

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Lulu, Olivia's REAL pet "dog". I don't know where does Lulu come from. Maybe Lulu is from Olivia's experiment because I think Olivia obsess with alien creatures.


The white dog is so cute and very brave one. He reminds me of Shiro the dog from crayon Shin-chan.


Very nice game and for the secret ending... you really can't save the guy can you?


nO, is because the guy is only an props(extra). Also I wish if Doggy save the guy, the guy will be the new owner. The ending name will be Escape ending / Home sweet home ending.


I just wanna say, this game looks awesome and I love the soundtrack and I want the songs uploaded somewhere so I can listen online because it feels like I can smell it and it smells nice. like  pin k



Fire did killed Olivia


im trying so hard to get the secret ending and im going to keep this comment here so i don't forget >:0

so i forgot

Not sure if you've got it yet but if you haven't:

The secret is in a certain zipped folder. You'll need a password to open it (Which is located somewhere in the game if you look around) 

Good Luck!

thank you!!!!

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Is it possible to save the guy in the locked closet in the main room (idk what it is called XD)?

Idk what happened to him but he looks so scared i felt so bad for him alkdnandw :((

Thank you for playing my game ^^


oh :( 

poor guy :(

I'm- pretty much wondering where you found that picture-

Maybe we can't save the guy because the guy is just a props right?


~Mild spoilers ahead~

Cute game with some nice pixel and custom art! The background music was used on another game “b*x”, which also has dark themes and cute graphics. ^^

I’m struggling to find the secret ending though. Could I maybe have a hint? I figure it’s something to do with the brown dog you see when walking in the town or the guest room (someone else mentioned in the comments). 


Thank you for playing my game.
Hmm, as for the hint. There's only one ending in the main game. However, there should be a zipped folder in the main game file that is locked with a password that would lead you to another ending :) good luck!

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I just found a full playthrough (both endings) on Youtube, thanks for the help though. I figured the password was unlocked by achieving the secret ending instead of the other thing you need (I noticed it but didn’t make the connection). My bad. ^^

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Oho I love these types of games. 

Reading through the summary I could predict how the story would end, but to see how it would play out still shocked me! The secret ending got a chuckle out of me and was really satisfying. One tidbit near the end actually threw me off! I'm curious to know if there was a way to open the locked dresser in the guest room?

You did a great job of creating a really unsettling atmosphere and narrator.  Loved the tileset as well! I'm looking forward to your next projects if you plan to make more games ^^.

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oh that's the first I heard that someone got the secret ending, thank you!  If you try to interact with the dresser a couple of times something will eventually happen, but it's pretty quick and a minor silly thing so it's nothing too serious or relevant.


This was really cute haha! 

thank you!


I love the looks of your tilesets! They look really cute and fit with the themes and mood of this game.


Thank you!

Deleted 2 years ago

thank you for playing as well as the feedback! I agree I thought it sounded like a gun cocking when I was using the sound effect too (lol). I may change that in the future if I ever want to update the game again :) 


Played this game already and I must say that this game successfully makes my heart flutter and broken at the same time. Thanks Satan for giving me trauma.

As the note says, not for the weak heart. I curse a lot during the end. Nice game Lynis!


oh fast, thank you!


I'm back. Someone commented on my video about a secret ending and so I decided to play it once more. I must say its very satisfying ending for me.


That scary huge thing scares me


Hey Lynis! I've finished a recording of the game and want to upload it on YouTube. Can you give me your Twitter/Instagram account name so I can tag you in the description? Thanks!


thank you for playing my game ^^ I don't have any social media so there's no need to tag me.


Oh my, okay then. I'll just link the game then.


I thought the game was fun! It was very cute, (for the most part). I've only managed to get one ending so far. Good job!

Thank you ^^


I played the game, it was sooo good even though it's short. I kinda predicted where the story was going to but it was still so shocking for me and I really enjoy it, very interesting game! Keep up with good work!


thank you very much!

This looks really cute, but the warning makes me feel like this is not just some cute stuff tho, lmao. I'm gonna give it a try


I didn't read the warning, but my spidey sense tells me that there's something wrong after a few minutes in the game, andddd I'm right.