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very fun!! i played this while in a vc with my friend ^_^

We're idiots!  THIS GAME IS PERFECT FOR US!!! <3

i would love play the game but isn't opening

I really like this game. Finally an rpg maker game with good ending. The art and story is beautiful, & the end was very heartwarming.



Tão verdade!!

Cool game

I wish there was a sequel.


Hiiii this game was def so cool ! I wish there could have been more romance, but anyways, playing this game was awesome <3

She really is THAT STUPID! [Idiot Maiden]

Had a wonderful time 😀

Nice game! The puzzles were fun, the story is silly (in a good way) and the character designs are nice

I really enjoy this type of game and this one was so cute and silly

I finally finished it! I'm slow and doesn't have a lot of time so I can only finished it on 4 days but I recorded and compile everything in 1 video. The art is so good! Hope it has other separate story about their next interaction. This game is one of the most enjoyable game I ever played

Adorable game, I really loved seeing her expression change in dialogue. A great mix of comedy into the horror game. Having the character just run for her life from the dolls made me laugh. I was waiting to see if she would realise that she is probably the stronger person in the situation. Maybe yeet a few dolls for the fun of it.

Really fun! It made my day! Rana is very cute too. Throughout the game, I think i'm already hating the friend :D I like the humor and the artstyle! Very cool and cute :)

This might be a contender for one of my favorite undiscovered RPGMaker games on this site. Well done.



I loved this game so much! Been looking for another wholesome horror game and that 'friend' sucks!

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this is sooo cute


I love this game and Rara is so relatable and cute. She's my favourite girl character (≧▽≦)

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I love this little game! It's pretty fun, exciting but not too creepy, quite memey but also had the depth, and the puzzles aren't frustrating!

I really loved this game. I never have so much fun with this type of games. I am looking forward for more games like this!


i cant new to this site  :cc


Hi. Just want to say I had a lot of fun with this game. The puzzles made me think, but were not so confusing I had to find a walkthrough. The story was enjoyable and I really liked Rana's character design. Her budding friendship with (spoiler) at the end was really cute and while it certainly is not necessary, an epilogue about it might be fun.


omg it's so cute. i love it

same uwu

I loved this game so much! It's so refreshing finally seeing goofing over horror aspect! ( •̀ ω •́ )✧
Love Rana a lot

I really liked the game!
It was comedic and the puzzles were very fun regardless of how short the game is!

Great game.
Haven't found what the dice were supposed to do though.


you are supossed to count the points in those statues in this room where you find the dice, their numer (dice) is aswer which pentagram are you suposse to push them 

Guess I just got it right by accident XD, thanks for telling me. 



this game is a lot of fun and i also love the main charactors personalty 10/10

-Made a Video.

"I played this right after I completed 'Too Impatient', and wow what a great game this is. This one might be shorter, but the story is better since it's actually a bit more serious than the other one. 

Really loving all your games so far, and I'm looking forward to your future games!"

this is a really good game really enjoyable it just the comedy is not funny but entertainment, the story is good and the art is AMAZING! 7/10(+1 because this amazing game made in only 3 days)


I really, really like this game. It's simple, fun, and very entertaining! I'd like to thank everyone that had a hand in making this wonderful game!

Oh, great and powerful Lynis. Please accept my humble offerings of fanart and fanfiction!

holy cow this fanfic is amazing 😳

Your work and art is absolutely adorably amazing and I'm amused at how your able to make up lore from a character who is basically just plot device LOL

The name Viktor is such a cool name for the prince (I was gonna name him Bob Wheeler LOLOLOLOL) so I will approve of this name!

OMG you replied!

Thank you so much! I'm very happy that you enjoyed the fanfic and fanart. This game brought me joy and I had fun making stuff for it!

I'm also glad that you approved the name Viktor. My sister suggested it after I had trouble naming him. I never thought Bob Wheeler was on the table LOL, that gave me a good laugh.

I look forward to your future games!

It's so cute, I love it!

Both this and "Too impatient" give me strong "at home alone" and "Kio adventure" vibes and I love it! Your games are really good and I hope to see and record more from you!




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